Friday, August 17, 2012

Your Learning

Please repsond to ALL of the following questions/statements-make sure to label your answers accordingly: (Please make sure to proofread and use complete sentences)
1) What is your role as a learner?  To what extent do you value learning?

For the next questions put your top 2-3 ideas:
2) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
3) What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?
4) What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?


  1. 1) My role as a student is to be ingaged as a learner by paying attention in class, doing my homework and asking questions when I am confused. I value learning very highly since I want to get into a good school and be sucessful in my work. I believe that knowledge is key to being a productive member of society.
    2) A good student is made from hard work and focus. If they can focus and work hard then failure will never be an opption for them as a student. I expect that my classmates be respectful of one another and that everyone gives their best effort.
    3) I expect that the teacher is well organized and has a purpose for each activitive. I expect that you are available to help us with questions and when we don’t understand something.
    4) For this class to be productive and fun everyone needs to know when to be respectful and not to take the class too seriously. We all need to do our work on time and pay attention in class in order to have a good class.

  2. 1. my role as a learner is to do the work im asked to do so i can get a good grade.
    3. what constitutes a "good" student is someone who is willing to learn and to do extra work. i except myself to do well in this class.
    4. i expect a teacher who is willing to to push me to do the extra work
    5. what it looks like is when the teacher ask to start working we start right away instead of waiting then starting

  3. 1. My role as a learner is to do all the work i am expected to do and do good on it so i get a good grade, study, and pay attention in class. I value learning very highly so I get good grades and become very successfull in the future.
    2. A good student is madefrom hard work and paying attention in class. If you work hard and pay attention then you will often get good grades in school.I dont expect much from my classmates just be respectful and work as hard as they can so they can succeed.
    3. I expect that the teacher is willing to help whenever you need it and is organized at the same time.
    4.For our class to be productive and fun I think everyone needs to have respect for one another and make jokes here and there, but when your asked to get to work I think you should get to work right away so we ca nget our work done.

  4. 1) My role as a learner is to listen to the teacher intently and take away everything I can from the class. I value learning to the extent of using it my future someday.
    2) A good student is someone who respects the teacher and someone who listens to what the teacher is teaching.
    3) I expect a teacher to very unbiased on their students opinion and to not judge students of their past behaviors and grades.
    4) To make the class fun, everyone should work hard, that way we can possibly have time to visit or play games at the end of class.

  5. 1) My role as a learner is to learn the material that the teacher teaches you. I value learning because i will need it in the furture for stuff like college and my furute job.
    2) A good student is someone who works hard and pays attention during class. They should also try to do the best that they can.
    3) I expect the teacher to teach us the material in interesting ways and try to make it so no one in the class is confused.
    4) The class needs to have fun activities to do and for us to have interesting projects to do and not just write a bunch of papers or do busy work.

  6. 1. My role as a learner is to pay attention in class and understand the material and use it to my best ability in and out of class.
    2. A good student is someone who trys there hardest to pay attention and do all there work for there classes. Someone who trys there best.
    3.I expect a teacher to help their students in need of help but i also expect a teacher to not give up on their students and to guide them to be sucessful.
    4.In oder for this class to be sucessful, one the teacher needs to be on board and that also goes with the students. The teacher needs to be willing to not give up on the students and the students need to be willing to learn. The class room needs to be fun and exciting for the class to enjoy.

  7. 1) My role as a learner is to pay attenation, ask questions and do what I need to do in order to learn the material correctly and on time.
    2) A good student is someone who asks questions, gets involved, pays attenation and trys their best.
    3) I expect a teacher to be interactice with their students, make class fun but stay on task and to help out the students with their questions and class problems.
    4) In order for this class to be successful, you, the teacher, needs to be on task most of the time and helpful all the time to all the students. Us, the students need to pay attenation, come to class on time, ask questions and come in for help. Also the class room needs to be a fun and exciting enviroment for everyone in class.

  8. 1. My role as a learner is to actively listen and pay attention to other students and the teacher. My role is also to actively participate and follow all directions to complete the assigned work. I value learning as a key to the future
    2. A good student actively participates, and shows responsibility by completing the work on time. I expect everybody to do their work so they can participate in class and in projects
    3. I expect a good, quality teacher to show respect towards their students and their student's opinions. A good teacher also explains assignments in a detailed manner to show the purpose of completing the assignment. I expect all the same from any teacher.
    4. I expect a focused yet unfocused class environment. A class with too much focus isn't really that fun because nobody talks, it is all busy work. Yet, a class too unfocused does not accomplish anything. So a mix would be nice.

  9. 1. My role as a learner is to do my best every day and try to learn something new. not just in school, but in life. You have to learn new things to be able to cope with the outside world. I value my learning and do my best to learn.
    2. A good student is quiet when the teacher or another student is talking. They contribute in class. And they get help when its needed.
    3. I expect you make the class fun to be in and something i look forward too, but also an environment of learning. I expect to have times to talk and work with friends but also work alone quietly. I expect to be able to share my opinions as well.
    4. To have a fun productive learning environment we need to do as i stated above, work in both groups (Like the American voice poster) but also work alone. We need to have discussions and have a class outside. And i agree with Ethans #4 above me. :)

  10. 1. My role as a learner is to try my best everyday whether that means that I am in or out of the classroom. I value learning to a pretty high extent because for you to get into a good college you have to focus and get your work done.
    2.A good student is focused in calss and will do what is asked by the teacher. I expect that we will help everyone in our class and not just ourselves.
    3.I expect that a good teacher will be able to help if we have any questions and to explaing homework assignments or class work well.
    4.I think that we have started off on a good note and that what we do in class is fun.

  11. 1.) My role as a student is to be engaged in the class room discussion and learn as much as I can. I value my learning a lot because it is the foundation to my future.
    2.) A “good” student pays attention to class room discussions adds on to the conversation when it is appropriate. He/she also doesn’t interrupt the class or causes disruptions to other students.
    3.) I expect a quality teacher to be engaging to the students. I also expect a teacher to not give busy work and have a main focus for every class period. I also expect the teacher to be available when there is confusion or questions.
    4.) In order to have a fun productive class environment t the students need to pay attention and work when they are asked to. The students also need know when it is time to talk and when it is time to listen.

  12. 1. My role as a learner is to do my best and learn something new everyday. I value my learning a lot because it sets me up to get into good colleges.
    2. A good student is always focused in the class and follows the teachers instructions.
    3. I expect a teacher who has a purpose to each activity and is well organized. I also expect a teacher to be willing to answer questions and help when there is confusion.
    4. In order to have a fun and productive class students need to work when they are told to and pay attention when someone is speaking.

  13. 1. My role as a learner is to do my best in school and to go in and ask for help when needed so i can do good in school and to get good grades.
    2. I expect for myself to work hard and to also work good with others even if i have to work with people i dont like working with for some reason.
    3. A good quality teacher should be able to work well with the students and also to do things that they know that the kids will do well with.
    4. This class needs to be able to work together with others and to let other kids that dont like to do much help them out and let them do more so it is also fun for them and you.

  14. 1) My role as a learner is to take in as much knowledge I can, and obtain what I learn. For me, education is extremely important. I want to be successful in life and I can’t do it without an education.
    2) A “good student” constitutes good behavior by doing their work. I expect that students aren’t rude or disrespectful to their teachers or their peers. As learners, I expect the students to try their best, and create a good learning environment for others.
    3) I expect a good quality teacher to be there when his/her students need help or they are struggling. I expect them to hear out their students and grade them fairly.
    4) In order for this class to have a productive, fun learning environment, everyone needs to participate equally. The students need to get their work done and pay attention.

  15. 1. As a learner my role is to listen and fully participate to the best of my abilities. I like to see beyond the grade in school, but sometimes that is hard when what we are learning has no real world use or is useless to the betterment of myself.
    2. A good student always does their homework and comes to class prepared. They fully participate in class and never interrupt others.
    3. A good, quality teacher keeps all students active in class and always tries to keep an upbeat attitude. A good teacher also tries new and inventive ways to teach.
    4. In order for their to be a good learning environment we need to do things to bring us closer as a class, but at the same time we need to do activities to show self ability and creativity. This could look like everyone competing in a board game or even just having a food Friday.

  16. 1) Hello Mrs. Comp! As a learner it is my responsibility to be proactive and engaged in class. That means if i miss a day of school I am checking the class web page. It is up to me to decide what I take away from your class. I also thing that my role is to keep an open mind and trust you. Even if i think it seems odd or strange I believe I should try new things cause you the one with the degree in English!
    2) A good student doesn't have to be strait A's but they must try in class. I think I hold myself to a high standard. Partly because of my competitiveness and always wanting to win. Never the less I would like to have some fun learn a lot this year and just get in touch with my inner chi.
    3) On test you give us the answers. Just playing around. I think it is your job to give us the knowledge we need to have successes in your class. Present us with challenges . Most importantly make us change our prospective in which we look at things.
    4)A quite class can be as unproductive as a class that is crazy. There is a happy medium. Joking around and just having fun is part of everyday. If I we had to take everything serous we would all die from stress. Laughter is a quality part of any day. That being said We cant be all over the place with 20 different topics floating around the room. Of course everyone works ten times better with music it's proven i'll find the study for you. Well this has been fun till next time........DEEEEGSS is out!

  17. 1. My role as a learner is to respect others and myself by listening and not obstructing the learning of others. Education is extremely important to me, as I would like to get into the college of my choice. I would like to get scholarships; therefore, I must value my education.

    2. A good student is constituted by respecting others wanting to learn and learning yourself. I expect my classmates to be willing to learn and respect my want to learn.

    3. I expect a good teacher to be willing to help if a student is willing to come in on his/her own time. I expect the teacher to be emotional with her lectures, not dry and bland.

    4. I think this class has the high energy level that is needed to have a fun, enjoyable class. We just need to come together as a class. We also need to loosen up. This may include some trust falls or charades?!?

  18. 1. My role as a learner is too finish High School and go to a good college. Then go to College graduate and work at a fast food restaurant for a couple years till I can find a job my degree is suited for.
    2.A "good" student is someone who does the work, asks questions and is adding beneficially in the class learning environment.
    3. A good quality teacher is one who lets students stat they're opinion on a piece of literature and the teacher must not treat their interpretation of the book as law. Also, no homework over the weekends.
    4. A fun learning environmental takes a sense of comfortableness (If that's a word) that takes time to grow, you can't expect a class to be totally open with each other in the first week or month of school.

  19. 1. My role as a learner is to listen during class and to do everything to get a good grade because you never know when later in life you will need to use these things we learn about.
    2. A good student is someone who listens to what their teacher says and uses it to make them better at the skill. Also a good student is someone who does all the homework to make sure they understand what they are learning about.
    3. A good quality in a teacher is someone who listens to what the student have to say and uses that to help the student achieve to a higher standard.
    4.A fun learning environment in my mind is a place where you give freedom to the student to pick the topic they get to write about and how they would like to present it.

  20. 1) I believe that as a learner my role is to understand that ideas I have could be wrong, right, or need improving. I believe that learning is the ultimate essence of life. Without the ability to learn we would never be at this point in the timeline of humanity. I have a deep desire to learn, especially if I can find a direct connection to life outside of school.

    2) A “good” student is who gives it his all, and participates in all academic areas despite his or her level of comprehension. I would like to see that my classmates always try to accomplish the goal at hand, whether they would consider themselves good or bad language art students.

    3) I expect that as a teacher you are open to new ideas and ways of teaching. Should one fall behind in the course, you provide individual care for that person so that they too may grow in their learning, not just fall behind and stop caring.

    4) I would hope that our class would be a safe place where everyone feels like their opinions matter. I would also like if everyone were able to feel free to ask for help when they need it. I hope that people also respect everyone’s views, whether they agree with them or not.

  21. 1. It is imperative as a learner that I pay attention in class, do my work to the best of my ability and think not only literally but also critically. I control my learning. It isn’t the teacher’s responsibility to make me learn. It is his or her responsibility to give me the tools and skills to learn. What I do with the skills provided is up to me. Learning is an essential part of life and therefore it never stops. I value learning as much as I value my future, because I need to learn to have a future.
    2. A “good” student is one who does the work assigned as best they can and pays attention to the expectations set by the teacher. My classmates and I must not fall behind and we must push through this difficult class.
    3. A high quality teacher is one who makes their classroom a fun and productive learning environment. As a teacher I expect you to give us the tools to succeed. I also expect that the classroom won’t be a totally totalitarian environment. Students need to like being in the class to do well in it.
    4. A class needs to be entirely active to be productive. By this I mean that the students have to be active in the day’s lesson. They need to participate, be engaged and ask or answer questions. And the teacher needs to be active in helping the students learn the lesson. He or she also needs to answer any questions that the students ask regarding the lesson.

  22. 1. My role as a learner is to have an open mind and and try my best everyday. I can't ever give up even if I fall a little bit behind.
    2. A "good" student is someone who pays attention and is open to learn something new everyday. They stay ahead and is so nice to everyone. My classmates and I just need to be nice to eachother and the class will be friendly and comfortable enviroment.
    3. I expect the teacher to have a point to everything we do in class and is willing to answer any questions and work well with her students.
    4. This class already seems like it is going to be a fun, enjoyable year together. I think we all need to just have a open mind to everything said in class. Perhaps yoga would help our minds to open?

  23. 1. My role as a learner is to focus on my studies. I think high school plays a big part in my future.
    2. A good student would be someone that gets involved in class and respects everyone's opinions
    3. I expect the teacher to answer all the students' questions in class and give advice to the students.
    4. I think if the students understand when they should talk and when they shouldn't, any class would be fun.

  24. 1. My role as a learner is to be responsible for my work as well as completing my work at a higher quality standard then past years.
    2. A good student is someone who works hard and efficiently.
    3.A good quality teacher is someone who challenge us to be better in our work as opposed to "spoon feeding" us through the year.
    4.This class should remove as many distractions as possible, particularly group projects.

  25. 1. My role as a learner is to focus on the classwork. And to make sure that I do all my work as best as best as i can. I also need to participate in as much as I can.
    2. A good student is someone who openly participate I the classroom and doesn't interrupt the learning process. A good student also gets all their assignments done and turned in on time.
    3. A good teacher to me is one who helps their students as best as they can and makes learning an easy task for the students. The teacher should also be open to new ideas that any students should bring up in order to make their understand of something more clear.
    4. I think this will be a Fun and educational class thought the year already. But there should always be room for improvement if needed.

  26. 1. My role as a learner is to ask questions when there's something I don't understand, and to get all my work done on time. I can't honestly say how I value my learning, the point of school is to be prepared for college, then to get a job to support myself or a family. So like everyone else in the world I suppose I highly value my learning.
    2. A good student shows up and does the work, a good student also does whatever he/she can to earn a high grade.
    3. A good teacher should be able to push their students to do greater things; and should be able to do this in a fun and interesting manner.
    4. A fun and productive class should get along and be able to work together without too many issues occurring or causing am potential problem. This looks like a fun productive class.

  27. 1.)My role as a student is to use the information and learning techniques that are given to me and apply them in my every day life, so i can better myself and the situations i am presented.
    2.) A good student has an attitude that is willing to learn, even with subjects they do not like.A good student acquires new skills from learning and can effectively use them. A good student can see his materials in different ways and fully understand the concepts that are given to him.
    3.) I expect my teacher to never give up on me, and to make sure i do not give up on myself. The moment you stop caring, is the moment I do too.
    4.) In order for this class to be productive it needs to be organized and the material needs to be relevant to the ultimate goal.

  28. 1) My role as a learner is to make sure that I fully understand everything that is tought to me and to do the best I can in the classes that I am in. I value learning alot because I know where it can get you and where you can get if you dont have an education.
    2)A good student to me is someone that does there work on time all the time and does there work well. A good student also goes in for help when they dont understand something so they make sure they get it right.
    3) I expect that as a teacher you teach the subject in a more fun way or just a way that is esier to learn. I also expect that you as a teacher make sure that we are ready for any test that you would give us and for ones like the A.C.T. and S.A.T.
    4) For our class to be fun the students need to get there work done so that we will have time for games and other stuff. Another way it can be fun is that the students cant be so serious all the time they need to relax and let themselves have fun.

  29. 1) My role as a learner is to be responsible for myself and my own learning. Also to cooperate and engage in learning. I value learning because knowledge is useful in life and to my future.
    2) What constitutes a good student is if the student has the ability of wanting to learn and wanting to be willing to learn new things and ideas. I expect myself and my classmates to be hard working and giving good effort to class.
    3) For a good quality teacher, I expect them be helpful, understanding, and to have patience. I expect you as a teacher, to understand that not every student gets everything at the same pace and that patience is a good quality.
    4) The class needs to involved and productive for it to be a fun learning environment. Getting involved in group work is also productive and fun for any student.

  30. 1. My role as a learner is to pay attention during class and to do everything i can do to get a good grade to succeed and hopefully get into a good college.
    2. What constitutes a "good" student? I think their behavior is what defines the student and it is what contitutes the student if they have good behavoir.
    3. I expect the teacher to support the students 100% throughout this school year and to help and come to all needs
    4. To make this class fun I think everyone needs to treat everyone else with respect, but can at times goof off here and there until we are needed to pay attention without any distractions

  31. 1) A good learner is someone who is dedicated to their education and puts in a good amount of effort in order to pass the class, and also goes in to see a teacher if they dont quite understand something
    2) A good student is someone who doesnt completely forget to do the blog and pays attention in class
    3) A good teacher is someone who understands and can further explain in depth what is going on because sometimes other teachers continue on their lessons even though i have no idea what is going on
    4) A classroom needs to be loose and not so uptight in order to have fun, I know that if a classroom is too strict it will become a burden to go to that class no longer enjoying going to class

  32. 1. A good learner is some one who pays attention, takes care of problems, and not affraid to make mistakes. i personaly value learning becaus i like to know new things.
    2.a good student is someone who is willing to say i messed up.
    3.a good teacher is understanding and is pasionite about kids learning.
    4. a good class rtoom is preductive and social. to learn and still have fun i belive group work is essential

  33. 1) A good learner is someone who listens and is open to accept new ideas, can pay attention in class, and input thoughtful comments and questions in class discussions.
    2)A good student is someone who respects themselves and their classmates, tries their best everday in class and in work, and appreciates others opinions in certain situations, and someone who is never afraid to ask questions.
    3)A good teacher is someone who always wants what is best for their students, someone who is passionate about what they teach, fun, and understanding.
    4)A class needs to have people who respect and understand each other, has a good learning enviroment, and can be fun but also hard working at the same time.

  34. 1) My role as a learner is to pay attention in class and not be interuptive during class so other students can listen without me being annoying.
    2) A good student is someone who does his/her homework. This is true because you took the time to make the homework, so we should take the time to do the homework.
    3) What I expect out of a teacher is someone who is fair and does not give loads of homework just so we can understand a concept. I also expect someone who treats everyone the same.
    4) This class needs to have some fun times here and there because I feel that I speak for a lot of the students, when we go to class day in and day out, we need to have something in there that is fun for us.

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